The home­made organ­ic yoghurt, with­out yoghurt mak­er is pre­pared very sim­ply in a few min­utes.


  • 1 litre of micro-fil­tered organ­ic whole milk
  • 1/3 organ­ic yoghurt (whole milk if pos­si­ble)
  • A lit­tle sug­ar (accord­ing to your taste, this is option­al)
ingredients & cooking material

Cooking material

  • A pan (even bet­ter in 18/10 stain­less steel)
  • A con­tain­er of at least 1.2 or more — a pitch­er with a spout if you use glass jars
  • A yoghurt ther­mome­ter
  • A warm dia­per or a warm sweater
The recipe for home­made organ­ic yogurt on video